Tax Time……Sort of……

Today the 8th Grade Documentary debated taxes! They worked in three group: Federal Income Tax group, Medicare group, and Social Security group. As a group, they needed to become an “expert” on their tax and decide, if they were in charge of distributing the funds from the tax, if they would do it the same as our government or if they would change it; then, they defended their stance. Look at their lesson plan for the class to see what they did: Tax Debate Lesson Plan. Ask them how they did!!

4 Comments to “Tax Time……Sort of……”

  1. Great topics. Keep up the great work 8th graders

  2. Kylie and I discussed what the class did, it sounds as though they have a good understanding of how the systems work. Great job.

  3. Zach talked to us last night about Medicare – his grandma Jan was with and I think she even learned a couple things !!

    1. GREAT!!!!

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